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Black and White on Green Please!

Originally posted on eCause Canada Site May 3, 2011

There is a huge responsibility that lies in the hands of our environmental agencies. They need to tell us the black and white truth about what is GREEN!

We can’t rely on the corporations to disclose everything in their closets. Our government hasn’t put legislation in place to protect us. The only way to find out the truth is to ask the question, and do the research. We rely on our environmental organizations for their expertise and knowledge. We need to know what lurks behind the labels of the products on our shelves.

This blog is in response to a discussion I was having with The David Suzuki Foundations’ Queen of Green. She was asked outright are Mr. Clean products safe? The response included Proctor and Gamble’s response which says:
-Formaldehyde is not and has never been an ingredient.
– Ingredients have been safely and commonly used for many years.
– Has not been and is not being banned from any stores.

Lindsay Coulter aka Queen of Green suggested to her readers that if they value transparency then buy products that list ingredients or make your own products. I think this is a GREAT suggestion, but I feel the original question was never really answered;

Are Mr. Clean products safe? The truth is NO and the should have been the answer to the question. Mr. Clean products are not safe for you or the environment! It says right on the label, and if you look up the WHIMIS sheets of the product it is recommended to NOT pour into our water systems.

We are already drowning in a sea of Greenwashing, please let’s make it clear and simple for those wanting to make a difference!