To Ban or Not to Ban, that is the Question…

Happy Environment Day!

Ok, if you sensed a little sarcasm in my tone, you heard me correctly. But it is always difficult to to nail a tone from written text, albeit, it is a little easier if you know the person who is writing it.

So my city is having this HUGE debate about whether or not to ban plastic bags from grocery stores and depanneurs.  Well, I’d like to make my case FOR the banning of these bags, and I would welcome any comments or opinions of your own as well.

I say ban them…. What a ridiculous waste of taxpayers dollars to even open his up to debate. I mean most things that compromise our health are either prohibited or difficult and/or expensive. This is just another on of those things, that costs our future generations, but not everyone agrees on the detriment of these bags, but ask ducks, and fish and all marine life and the take a look at the numerous Gyers in our Oceans to realize the severity of the dmage that is done by bags and other plastics. Plastic is killing our waterways, streams and the wildlife that depend upon them, and inevitably our own species.

from a practical point, lets be honest most people have enough plastic bags under their kitchen sinks to at least them through this life-time.

The bulldozer buries food and industrial wastes

Landfill with waste & copious amounts of plastic bags

So those are a few of the reasons that I support the ban, but to be fair I want to counter a couple of the “no ban” arguments to try and shed a little more light on the issue.

  1. The single use bags in question are often used again for pet droppings.
    1. Not everyone has pets, so that makes for a lot of non-reused bags of which many find their way into the landfills
    2. AND there are much more environmentally sustainable options for pet-owners including biodegradable bags for the exact purpose.
  2. People will shop elsewhere if bags are unavailable
    1. Well that is pretty unlikely, people are going to shop if they need to shop.
    2. We are also pretty adaptable.
    3. Already most people have reusable bags they have collected through the years, and hey backpacks are still amazingly practical, I think we can manage without the plastic.
  3. Jobs will be lost if plastic bags are banned.
    1. Seriously? “for every action there is an equal and opposing reaction”, I know somebody important has said that and some point.
    2. I have faith in us, we have recovered from the coal mines being shut down.

I felt obliged to comment on this issue because to me it seems like a pretty big no-brainer, and our planet and its well being is intricately tied to our own well-being. Plastics were created to make our lies convenient but the cost for that convenience has been too dear. It is important to think of our children and our children’s children.  Once the habit of bringing one’s own bags has been formed people will forget the what it is about plastic bags that they have missed. This is a small, small thing we can do on behalf of our Earth!

Submitted with kindness, eCause we care.

Joyce Shanks


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