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Making Fruits and Veggies Even Better For You


* This post originally appeared on the eCause Canada website in June 2011    

We’ve all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, or does it? If the apple is laden with chemicals, pesticides, and wax, how good for us can it really be? Well you are not alone in wondering what to do with when produce is and permeated with pesticides. Eliminate fruits and vegetables from our diet? Not a good idea! Some are just too yummy to turn our back on, and don’t forget an essential part of a healthy diet! Buying organic produce is always a great option as it promotes a less toxic environment for all living things. Cost and availability of local organic goods can sometimes prevent us from doing this. What’s a person to do? Wash your produce thoroughly is number one solution! Washing with water alone is often not enough since most pesticides are water-resistant. Suggestion – use a fruit and veggie-safe detergent or to make your own, which is even better! Here is a quick, simple and inexpensive recipe which will help remove bacteria and break down the pesticide and wax residue: Fill up a spray bottle with three quarters water and one quarter white vinegar. Spray, soak, rinse and enjoy; healthier and cleaner fruits and veggies of the season.