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Keeping You and Me on Our Toes

     A colleague in the industry said to me recently, where are the brakes on this thing??? Life is busy, and fast, and stressful, and all too often we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. Wherever you are going in your life, your feet are likely taking you there. They connect and ground you to the earth. With feet firmly planted, and your weight evenly distributed you are balanced, yet you can sense something as miniscule as a grain of sand and be thrown off kilter.
Most of us spend our time in our heads; thinking, planning, and analyzing, and as a result we often miss the messages that are either right before us or coming from within. We answer questions with “I think that….” rather than “I feel that… ” We are not always in touch with our true selves. In some cases even our feelings are skewed because of various influences in our lives.
Foot Reflexology is an incredible way to tune back in. Thousands of nerves pass through our feet; they are messengers that transmit information to and from our brains.
Through use, abuse and inadequate treatment of our systems, as well as the sheer force gravity these messengers can get congested or blocked. Reflexology pioneer Eunice Ingham concluded in the 1930s that these reflexes were an exact mirror image of the organs of the body, and as such blockages interfere with regular function. The massage and pressure point techniques used during a reflexology treatment can help to clear these reflexes of their congestion and stagnation and encourage Homeostasis.

Profound relaxation, detoxification, improved circulation, and healing can be among the included benefits. Bringing both attention and intention to areas in need is powerful. One of the best ways to get centered and balanced is to focus on our feet; we can only truly be balanced when we are able to connect without interference to the earth.

The roots of my wellness knowledge grew initially with my training while studying to become a Reflexologist. From there the profound love I feel for people and planet grew the company called eCause. In my clinic I have the great pleasure to work with people one on one to get to the soul of the matter, with eCause I have the chance to support families, schools and entire communities with information, superior products and financial support through fundraising.

My job  is complementing your health, Why? eCause I care!

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