Happy Earth Day 2017!

Pretty much every day around here is Earth Day, with more than 200 organic seedlings sprouting in the dining room, our religious dedication to our brown bin, and composting in our own garden, steadfast conscious consumerism, and if all that wasn’t enough, we now have a duck egg incubating in the dining room to hopefully hatch in a little over 3 weeks. You know, just your everyday average earth-loving suburbanites here.

Earth Day 2017 The DR Garden

Well, that’s not entirely true either, because while lots of people do great things to take care of Mother Earth on a daily basis, not a lot of them work diligently to actually benefit the planet while at their day job. I do. The work I have been guided to do,  with socially responsible, eCause Canada, has Mother Earth at the core of our why… We help to save hundreds of thousands of trees, support Canadian waterways, help reduce the carbon footprint of communities across Canada, and more importantly have a positive healthful impact on the future health of all Canadians. And we do all this while financially supporting the fundraising needs of schools, teams and groups.

It is a blessing to do this work and make a difference in Canada’s future, and the health of this planet.

And while it seems odd to me to dedicate just one day to talk about and truly put an effort into taking care of our planet, we only dedicate one day to celebrating our birthdays. And lets be honest, every day that we are alive, is a gift. So join me, celebrate life, yours, and our Earth’s everyday by taking care of yourself and her more mindfully!


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