What Would Love Do?

   Love Contact Usneeds to come first and last and everywhere in the between. Love fixes everything from scraped knees to broken hearts, to poverty and oppression. It is ONLY about love, about loving ourselves and every other living being on this planet in the realization that we are all one. Our actions here and now in the way we live, eat, shop and exist directly impacts others and everything around the world.

People can debate all they want, but there is no question that the health and well being of the human race is directly interconnected to the health of this planet. And while our planet would survive without us, the opposite could never occur.

So here is what I propose in honour of this Mother’s Day, and our spectacular home called Earth, and every day thereafter – whenever presented with some kind of decision, dilemma, or question; stop, breathe, and connect to your highest self, and ask this simple question, what would love do? Whether you are grocery shopping or driving your car, or interacting with your family, colleagues or peers, ask that question, what would love do? And if you listen with your heart, I promise, you tiny decision will help to elevate us all to and make this world even a little better than it already is!


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