As a wife and mother, holistic health care practitioner, and a fervent environmentalist, Joyce Shanks, has merged all of her passions, training and purpose into the most earth friendly fundraising company in the country, eCause Canada.

eCause Canada is a unique turn-key ecological and sustainable fundraising company monetarily benefiting our schools and organizations as well as the health of the population and the planet.

Joyce has worked extensively with clients one on one in her Complementary Health Care Clinic to help them find balance and optimum health. Now her skills and expertise are extended to entire organizations, schools and charities.

What drives Joyce most in this world is being able to provide a healthy home and environment for her family and the future of us all. Lessening the toxic burdens in our homes and in our lives is as important as removing toxins from our bodies through proper rest, diet and exercise. The result is better health, and a healthier planet.

9 years of living and working in the Canadian Rockies as a professional tour guide allowed Joyce the opportunity to see and understand first-hand the inter dependent relationship between people and planet. The habitat and environment in which we live is the only one we have and taking care of it is a priority.

For organizations needing funds to support their activities, eCause Canada makes it so simple to raise money and make positive changes. eCause Canada, green fundraising made simple for healthy profits and a healthy world.

Joyce is not only involved in her environmental and health related work but she is extremely involved in all aspects of her daughter’s growth and development. She regularly volunteers in various committees at her daughter’s school, and supports her in Girl Guides also as a volunteer parent. In her spare time she loves to garden, do some photography and has recently started taking Latin Dance Lessons with her husband.


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