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Be a JUICE Box Hero

Do you know how much your child weighs? If he or she is about 30 kilograms, chances are that’s how much waste he or she is generating at lunch time in school throughout the year. In other words, a school of about 300 students generates almost 9,000 kilograms of lunch garbage!  And are they packing? Juice boxes I mean? Juice boxes are typically made up of six layers of paper, polyethylene, and aluminum foil, making most of them non-recyclable and allowing them to hang out in our landfills for approximately 300 years before beginning to decompose. You know what else they’re doing? They are costing you a small fortune every year! In fact, in an average school year  of 180 days, at an average cost of 0.50 each, (much more for the “real juice” and consuming about two per day), you are spending almost $200 over the school year.  In reality, by making a one-time purchase of a reusable stainless steel bottle that you can fill up with water, milk or juice, you have healthier options to give your kids for a lot less money. It’s a no-brainer! Kick the juice box habit and help the environment as well as your wallet!

Make your child a super-hero; enjoy this great little video about the environmental impact of juice boxes on the planet.  Whether you choose to watch this with family and friends, or share and show this video to your classroom we hope that it will help encourage you to take the initiative to pack greener lunches this school year!