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World Food Day

October 16th was World Food Day. Days like these give us a chance to reconnect with our favourite foods, our local farmers, chefs, gardeners, and others. 

Here’s a few ideas on how you can celebrate this month and engage your community:

– Host a Pot Luck & Movie Night
(great for Thanksgiving and fall season!)

– Avid gardener, share your green thumb knowledge!
Organize a workshop on preserving or seed saving. People are increasingly interested in growing their own food, but many new gardeners still lack the skills needed to preserve their bounty or to save seeds for next year. You can help by sharing your own skills or finding a local expert to give a workshop.

– Hold a Local-Food Challenge:
You probably have friends who have walked to defeat breast cancer, or run for biodiversity. Now you can eat your way towards a stronger local food system.

– Volunteer or Donate Food from your Garden to the Food Bank:
Food banks need help year-round. Harvest time, Thanksgiving, and World Food Day are important moments to examine the issues and connections between poverty and plenty, while addressing the needs of the hungry in your community. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with your local farmers, and ask them to donate part of their harvests to food banks.

What you can keep doing year-round:
start your own garden, donate garden fresh produce to local food banks, buy locally grown foods and support your local economy!

To know more about the global issues surrounding food and our food systems, check out this informative video:

The Story of Food:

Source: USC Canada